Thursday, October 07, 2004

Eruptions and classic Stevie Wonder tunes

Sorry for the lack of updates, but while I’m not normally a superstitious man, ever since the “corn dog” post last Friday, things have been going so great for my two favorite teams that I was scared that a post might ruin the general good vibes and mojo.

Instead, I think I will just stick with the existing superstition I have going (I last had a haircut the week before UGA played Georgia Southern, and hopefully will be looking very shaggy come New Year’s—and ever since I bought a new Red Sox hat, they haven’t lost).

(Additional note: I hope by giving another hat, purchased at the same time, I can potentially double the Sox's mojo.)

Ain’t specious reasoning fun?

(Note: I also own a rock that keeps tigers away).

So I figure I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Saturday we saw the Georgia team I’d be hoping to see for…well, years.

A few folks have beat me to the punch with the Mount St. Helen’s-UGA connection (last big eruption for the volcano, 1980, last national title for UGA, 1980) but what they missed is that the last eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s was 1986—the last year the Sox went to the World Series.

(Note: someone please ban Buckner from all remaining Sox games just in case).

My pre game prediction was that the LSU game was the type of game UGA would step up and dominate and it felt damn good to be right. Now, the next step is to whip UT’s ass.

The mentality of this team (at least, judging from their quotes) is truly championship caliber. So let’s just have a Big Orange Beatdown this weekend and keep things rolling like Mike Price at a Tuscaloosa strip club.

And, for you Boston fans who want to see something very cool, and the reason why I think folks should adore Curt Schilling like they did Nomar, you all should go over to the Sons of Sam Horn website and note that the 2 postseason game threads were started by none other than Mr. Schilling himself. It’s just beautiful stuff folks. Curt really seems like the anti-Nomar—he even calls into Boston sportstalk radio shows when they’re starting bullplop rumors.

And I’ll leave on this note: there is no curse, there is no curse, there is no curse.

Go Dawgs, whip UT, Go Sox, beat Anaheim!

(P.S., Go University of California Fighting Jack Nikalai and the University of Texas Longhorns! Not that I’d love for UGA to finish Saturday #1 or anything.)

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