Monday, January 30, 2006

Football In a Non-XL Size pt. 1

One of the biggest events in sports happens this week (no, not the Superbowl. You don’t need me to tell you about that.)

But if you were thinking football-related, you’re close, and should therefore win a cookie. If you were thinking something else, like say, hockey, or golf, or synchronized Romanian deadlift tap-dance ice-skating, you’re in the wrong blog entirely. Go home.

This is about National Signing Day. The day in which athletes at high schools around the world culminate weeks and months of being treated like rock stars (or at the very least, Anthony Michael Hall from Johnny Be Good—which to this day is still one of the worst bits of casting in an 80s move ever.) and they finally sign and fax a sheet of paper to the college of their choice (and more importantly the college’s choice—because let’s face it, an actual high school quarterback of Anthony Michael Hall-circa-the-release-date-of-Johnny-Be-Good’s attributes may want to sign with Texas, but Texas would be out of their mind to sign him.) And hundreds of thousands of grown (according to some definitions, though usually not their wives of significant others’ definitions) men will cheer—especially those who have been following Johnny football hero since he first ran a punt back 84 yards vs. Winder-Barrow his freshman year.

Is it insane? Sure…but so are most things sports related that are fun (actually many things people do for fun can sound insane if you phrase them right: consuming beverages that kill my brain cells, listening to music at hearing-damaging decibel levels, reading complex, footnote-laden novels again and again.) So call me crazy, but I’m going to be a part of the madness this year.

Check back here often for updates…this is like EPSN’s SuperBowl blog—only probably nothing will happen today, or Tuesday.

UPDATE: ok, nothing’s really happened. But UGA is still in the lead for badass safety prospect Reshad Jones.

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