Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NFL Playoffs...

Seriously, they're the same person. All that's missing is Cowher getting in Antwan Randle-El's face and calling him a "little puke" if he aligator arms a pass over the middle. Taking things further (and into G.I. Joe territory because that's more fun than WWF territory--unless we're talking about me and Stacy Keibler), I think Ben Rothlesberger could pass for Hawk, which, all Bulldawg bias aside, would clearly make Hines Ward into Snake-eyes. But the only way the Steelers win this weekend is if someone convinces Manning he's playing Florida (or the Pats).

Moving...west? (It's been awhile since I took Geography ok?) We've got the Carolina Panthers taking on Chicago. Everyone loves to rave about their defense (said defense of course wishes those glowstick-twirling, pacifier-sucking twits would go away and stop playing the electronica version of "the Superbowl Shuffle"), but what they forget is that Carolina has a top 4 defense too. And do you really think this guy:

This guy is the guy who will beat the Carolina defense? (I searched and searched on Google but couldn't find that classic pick of Rexy drunk and holding a whippet, but this still works). Seatle rolls (but close) and the Broncos and Pats is...too close for me to call at the moment. But seriously folks, how can you bet on Rex in the playoffs?

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