Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick random thoughts

Rich McKay needs a raise. There are mutterings and hushed whisperings that he'd be a good candidate for NFL commish. After the Falcons offseason so far, Falcon fans everywhere need to convince McKay to stay. A defense practically pulling people from the stands to play DB now has Lawyer Milloy and the tandem of John Abraham and Patrick Kearney could be one of the league's best. Now if only Greg Knaap were replaced by Mike Martz...

I don't want to say anything about UGA's QB yet. But a freshman could be starting 4 games in. That's all I'm saying. (Ok, that and the JTIII-Cory Phillips comparisons aren't holding water. Phillips had not one but TWO 400 yard passing games under his belt when he was battling David Greene. JoeT3, while a damn good dawg, I think has only one game where he attempted more than 4 passes.)

Best March Madness ever? Maybe. But for once it'd be nice for the media to wait til an event is over before ranking its worth.

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