Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Practice: Good News/Bad News

From today's Athens Banner-Herald:

Two tennis ball machines are now set up alongside two Jugs machines on the practice field in hopes of helping Georgia improve its pass catching.

"I saw a lot of dropped balls early in practice and then at the tail end once we got involved in our pass skeleton drill, we had some great catches," Richt said after Monday's practice. "We've had too many drops over the last five years in my opinion. We've got to catch the football if we're going to make this thing really go and be exciting."

Richt believes that too many passes have been dropped because players aren't trusting their hands more and are relying too much on using their bodies to catch the ball.

This is good that Richt is agreeing with yrstrly about the Wideouts and pass catching. But the bad (and slightly disturbing news) is that it's Richt talking about it, while the WR Coach has said nothing. But, there is a good side to this too. The fact that I'm temporarily blanking on the WR coach's name (even though I know he coached wideouts at FSU in the 90s, and the Toronto Argonauts) reminds me that I can't remember really any quotes from him. So my hope is he's just media shy.

This really is a great time of year. It's getting warmer, there's baseball, March Madness and football too. If the baseball and football games counted, it could almost top fall...wait...nah...

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