Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bold moves from the Sox soon to pay off.

Sure, it'd be nice if the Twins accepted their place in the AL Central, gave up, and both tanked tonight against Wake's knuckler and then decided that trading Santana for Julian Tavarez would be a good move.

But the Sox did do something. They got former Atlanta Braves All-Star catcher Javy Lopez for mediocre relief pitcher David Riske. And they're getting Javy to pitch (he had good numbers in the minor leagues, where he went by his full name, Javier).

Now if Cleveland could remember they're a better hitting team than the Yankees, and the Yankees could start playing like a team with an pitching staff anchored by a flimsy Wang and vets pushing into Rolling Stones'-aged territory, we'd be in business.

I'd say they should play like a team with injuries, but even if the injured players' salaries were removed they'd be a $160 million team. So fuck 'em. Let Mussina take a line drive off his leg and see if the Post makes any more cracks about David Wells.

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