Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Good and Bad Day for Baseball

Yesterday had some good and bad.

The bad in that the Dawgs were unable to pound the Beavers (on the baseball field--the baseball field. You perverts) and are now on the likely boring flight home from Omaha. (Note: I figure, barring a "today's inflight movie: The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Baby Geniuses 2 double feature" announcement).

The upside is the Red Sox are capable of winning games even when they throw out a pitcher sporting an ERA above 20 and and a pedigree from that place where baseball goes to die (or to produce Johnny Damon--though given where he is now, and his current, fun-to-watch-if-he-wasn't-on-the-2004-team struggle to watch his brain cells compete to remain in greater number than the day before) aside all that, they can win with this guy starting.

The caveat is hopefully this doesn't happen as the result of some Faustian (re: Steinbrennerian) bargin; such as the ones that allowed the cursed Yankees to resurect Aaron Small from the scrap heap (temporarily) and transform Shawn Chacon from a 3-7 7.00 ERA NL pitcher to a sub-4.00 ERA, 7-3 AL East pitcher.

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