Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poke 'em with a fork, they're almost done

So how has Theo Epstein gone from "Boy Genius" GM to "Grown-ass Man That Inexplicably Thinks Jason Johnson Can Pitch" GM in less than year?


If not for that WS title and triumph over the Yankees we fans would've seen what a dunderheaded move it was to let Pedro (THE best pitcher the Red Sox have ever had--including Clemens) go and, worse, how pretty much every trade or move related to pitching has sucked since then. Seriously, when David Wells has been your best pitcher brought in, something's gone very wrong.

Since Pedro was allowed to walk to Queens here's what Theo and co. have brought in to help Wake and Schill:
Matt Clement--sucks, also seemingly has a similar nancy-boy temperment like A-Rod's.
David Wells--pretty good when healthy, but at 43 and not exactly a shoo-in for a Men's Health cover, isn't often enough
(_____)--No starters were brought in for 2006, but with Arroyo and Papelbon as possible starters, who needs an extra starter? (*cue ominous music, hit Theo on the head for not talking the Reds into somehow taking Clement instead of Arroyo for Wily Mo*)
Jason Johnson--sucks. Only good thing about the kid was the brief moment of immature laughter at a Wang vs. Johnson game.
Kyle Synder--occasionally servicable out of the bullpin; sucks as as starter.

I won't even talk about the 'pen.

And Josh Beckett ain't ready for prime time.

2007 is Schilling's last season (probably...if he comes back, don't expect Clemens-type stuff in 2008). Beckett hasn't proved worthy as a #2 yet, and the reason the Sox are looking like a team that will be watching the playoffs on tv isn't just the bullpen.

Lester merely prolonged the inevitable, but he's not ready to be a #3 or even 4 starter. But when Tim Wakefield went on the DL that's what happened. The Sox then get really shitty guys struggling to go 5 innings every 5 days twice (#4 and #5 before Wells came back and got his "crap start back from the DL" out of the way) and the bullpen gets worn out. It's not helped by Beckett's inconsistantcy (when he wins, he's often great...when he loses, like the 8-walk day today, you really notice the shittiness).

So fuck it...if this is the season, and if this weekend is the dulled echo of '78's visit from the free-spending ass haberdashers from the Bronx, the front office needs to plan ahead.

Use EST if you have to, but convice Theo that Youk hits leadoff, not Coco. Wily Mo Pena (or in a pinch, Hinske or Mike Lowell) bats 5th. Give the good minor-leaguers some playing time. If Pedroia is ready to take over for Loretta next season, play him.

Then get better in the offseason, and any young pitcher not named Papelbon should be allowed as trade bait. Are Delcarmen, Hansen and Lester good? Sure. But if the team can sign Barry Zito and then use the younguns to trade for Andrew Jones (maybe Lester+Hansen+Crisp for Jones) a free agent middle-of the road starter and reliever can replace their likely production.

You then get a starting rotation of:
Clement or random mystery #5 starter

and a potential lineup of:

And if the contracts of Tavarez, Nixon and Clement (as well as Lowell) can be moved, new bullpen arms (and possibly an upgrade at SS) are possible.

$130 million should be better than a team that outside of Manny and Papi is inconsistant and streak at hitting and has no starting pitching depth and a depleted bullpen.

At the very least can someone plunk a Yankee hitter in the ass? Pedro would've done it.

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DakarDave said...

2004 was merely luck.

In fact, a case can be made that 2004 isn't the end of the curse.

In any other baseball era, the yankess would have eliminated the redsox in the regular season.

It's only because of the wildcard, that the redsox even had a chance to compete.

In my eyes, the redsox's curse won't be over until they win a WS the "old way"... i.e. you have to be the champion at every level of the playoffs.

There's nothing the redsox can do to overcome the yankess of 2006/2007, look at the yankees lineup:

1) Damon
2) Jeter
3) Abreau
4) Giambi
5) ARod
6) Posada
7) Cano
8) Cabrea
9) Williams/Craig Wilson

If you think this lineup is scary, think about the people that we have on the DL.

1) Matsui
2) Sheffield

When/If we get Matsui and Sheffield back, we're going to have the most dangerous lineup in the history of the game.

Now, to pitching:

Let's look at the big 3:

1) Mussina
2) Wang
3) Johnson

if, in the off season we manage to get anyone like: Zito.. we'll be hard to beat.

And of course, we have our closer:


This team, has some flaw.. esp. in the pitching area. But nothing that a few off season moves can't fix.

We are a few starting pitchers away from being the most dangerous (and expensive) team in the history of the game.

Watch out everybody!