Friday, September 24, 2004

8719 thoughts and a few random CFB musings

Ok, I've broken one my pledges to myself. Back in July, when the Sox were mired in a particularly bad strecth of middling .500 ball, and losing a ridiculous number of one run games, I realized that I could not survive if I was as emotionally invested in each Sox game like I get with UGA football.

It's ok (well, maybe not ok, but at least "proven feasible") to live and die on the fortunes of a group of kids for 11 or so games--especially with 6 days to recover between games--but over the course of 162 games, sometimes with less than 24 hours to recover, it's crazy.

As a result, I pledged I wouldn't go all pouty when the Sox lost a game, but after they lost to Baltimore, and the MFYs won, last night I woke up feeling a little emotionally hungover. The big downside to an emotional hangover is that it's a lot harder to find some hair of the dog.

But anyway. Forget Baltimore. This is it folks.


At Fenway.

If this is going to be 1978 in reverse (and I still have hope that it is), a sweep of the MFYs needs to happen. They went to the Bronx with tshirts sporting a great line from Tombstone "tell 'em we're coming, and hell's coming with us", which is a nice and good reference to a kickass movie and all, but it didn't help. They've just got to get the mental attitude right.

To continue with the Tombstone references, Boston needs to be Doc Holliday to the Yankees Johnny Ringo.

The Yankees are no daisy, and the strain's more than they can bear.

And in other news...
After spending 14 hours with a case of beer watching some great college football games last weekend, this weekend looks like...

a great chance to catch up on yard work.

What's the best matchup on TV this weekend? Two barely top 25 Big 10 (sic) teams: Michigan, who struggled at home against San Jose State and lost to a pretty average Notre Dame against mighty Iowa, fresh from an ass kicking at mighty Arizona St (aka, the school that is harder to get into than Heaven per Ned Flanders).

Can't you just taste the excitement?

But I can do more than nugget of analysis for today is this:

Can Miami and FSU both be overrated?

Much ink and HTML has been spilled about how FSU offense with Chris Rix at QB is like a Ferrari with a drunken quadraplegic at the wheel (and if you can't picture that, realize that one could still be considered "at the wheel" if one is gripping it between one's teeth--also, Note: much thanks and kudos and "props" and whatnot to my friend Amanda for pointing out that a paraplegic could actually still use his or her arms, hence the edit to "quad-") what a few pundits are missing is that Miami with Brock Berlin (who has a future in pro wrasslin' from his name alone waiting after college) is no well oiled machine either.

I alternated watching some of Y tu Mama Tambien on IFC with the Miami-Houston game last night (note: not recommended surfing options) and, well, Miami did not look that good folks.

Maybe Houston is poised to return to the days of Andre Ware, but I think what's happened is that maybe, just maybe, that yearly exodus of 1st round NFL talent is starting to catch up with Uncle Fester's team.

And, because I know some of y'all will ask, if Miami and FSU are both overrated, who's the ACC's best team? Well, it may just be UVA. Al Groh's been bringing some NFL defensive strategies and has recruited some serious playmakers (especially at LB) and RB Wali Lundy's been scoring like Hugh Hefner on Viagra night. Additional bonus: UVA gets the stronger of the two potential overrated FL teams at home.

As for this weekend's games, kick back and feel your ass Groh.

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ryan james wilson said...

Michigan, Iowa, Arizona State: man, if their creative writing departments faced off, it would be much more exciting. They all have kick-ass writing programs, programs that could probably kick their football teams' collective asses at that. Why has this event not taken place before? Writers face off in numerous competitions: self loathing, catastrophizing, drinking, being poor (Folks, his wallet actually has cobwebs! Yep, he's on fire Bob.), not bathing, breaking-down emotionally, bickering, snide remarking, journal cursing, relationship destroying, and suicide (Wow! Right off the'll be hard to top that. Notice the smile a la Berryman. Nice touch!).