Thursday, September 23, 2004

An Intro

The things we do when bored at work...some people IM constantly, some post random diatribes on message boards, other, slightly more productive people, look up porn (because, deep down, they know they'll get caught, and go out and find a job where they enjoy what they're doing--or at the very least get paid for looking up porn). Where was that string of clauses going? Oh yeah, me, I get bored and I create a sports blog.

What's going to show up here? Rants mostly, and lots of heresay and conjecture (heresay and conjecture being, as any Simpsons fan could tell you "kinds of evidence").

What teams will inspire the most comments?

My grey hairs and heart problems develop primarily as a result of my near obsessive love of the Georgia Bulldawgs (mainly college football) and until the Curse of the Bambino is lifted, the Boston Red Sox. So expect lots about the Dawgs, and the Dirt Dogs.

In addition, I will try and practice my objectivity by commenting on the NFL (excluding, of course, the players on my fantasty football team).

And now that I've found some thing fun and productive to do with my time, the phone is ringing...

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