Thursday, September 23, 2004

Long games and Bronson's Death Wish

So, taking a nice, ricockulously small sample size (two games--whoo-hoo!) of games in which Bronson Arroyo was the starting pitcher, I have but one conclusion: he wants to give me a heart attack before age 26.

Which is really vindicive I must say, what with Bronson being a good many years past the ripe old age of 26. (Ripe? Did I say that? Maybe I should shower more...)

But look at the evidence:

Friday the 17th vs. the MFYs: the game started at 7 and ended after midnight, Boston began the final inning trailing and won by one run.

Wednesday the 22nd vs. Baltimore: the game started at 7 and ended after midnight, Boston began the final inning tied and won by one run.

So you can see why I may not be engaging in a kind of Lyndon LaRoushe-but-in-baseball-not-politics level conspiracy when I propose that maybe Mr. Arroyo has stock in some anti heart-attack medicine-making company or holdings in an anti-stress pill manufacturing firm.

The good folks at Boston Globe have a nice article today that further illuminates some stuff on Bronson (note: this was not a mixed metaphor, merely a half-assed one), and they go into nice detail about his odd stats and how he pitchers better on the road than at home.

But right now the question Boston fans need to ask: who goes to the 'pen first, Wakefield or Lowe? If I hadn't just checked, and saw that Lowe was behind, I would've said Wakefield, but right now, in the heat of my pissedoffness, it's both.

So I'll leave with a thought that is 9/10ths stirring the pot and 1/10ths what I deep down believe: if it's a series against the Yankees, Arroyo should be the #2 starter, not Pedro.


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